This morning following my usual routine i went on Coinmarketcap. When i went on i was surprised to find out that today there is a brand new coin at the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalizations chart. The coin is $TPT and it was listed as ‘”#0″ placed over $BTC. When i saw this  I sat there for a few seconds wondering what coin is this? and where did it come from? Yes! I was fooled  LOL. They got me. At least for a few seconds.

Sitting over the leading cryptocurrency wich we all know is $BTC this $TPT coin has never been heard of before. Come to find out $TPT  stands for “Toilet Paper Token”. It was listed at $1.64, The price change was 1,123.97% with a market cap of $85.58. If you were planning to run out and try to buy this coin well..The supply is Out of stock meaning there is no where to purchase this $TPT coin LOL!! It also has an imaginary Volume of $41.76 B.

Im sure coinmarketcap is fully aware of the Global Covid 19 epidemic but still they were able to bring a smile to many faces in our crypto community. The funny Joke came from videos and memes that have gone viral of people hoarding toilet paper and other essentials. I say it’s a funny joke but i am well aware of the seriousness of people stockpiling essentials. It strains communities and increases hardship to those who really need important items like, Hand sanitizers, Gloves, Masks exc…

As the covid 19 Epidemic is blazing threw our world i think we still have to remember to smile. Please be safe and strong and continue to practice Social Distancing it is super important.

If you want to learn more about $TPT click here. You should read $TPT’s Whitepaper. 

Happy April Fools Day

Thank you.


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